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Information for Arizona

Voter requirements

Be a U.S. citizen

Be 18 years old on Election Day

Be a resident of Arizona and your county at least 29 days before Election Day

If past felony conviction, must have had civil rights restored. Note: For a single Arizona felony conviction, civil rights are automatically restored upon completion of a person’s sentence and payment of any fines and restitution.

Not currently be declared an incapacitated person by a court of law with voting rights revoked

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ID requirements

Yes. You must show ID to vote in-person.
In Arizona, a voter must present a form of identification when voting in person (including for early voting, emergency voting, and on Election Day).

This can be accomplished by showing one single ID, two forms of “paper identification,” or a combination. Any section below represents sufficient ID for voting.

List #1: A valid government-issued ID showing name, photograph, and current address of the voter which matches their voter registration address.

Examples: Valid AZ driver’s license, Valid AZ state ID card, valid federally recognized tribal enrollment or BIA card.


List #2: Two forms of ID showing name and current address that matches their voter registration address.

Examples: Valid Arizona vehicle registration; Valid vehicle insurance card; Indian or Native American census card; Property tax statement; Recorder’s Certificate; Tribal enrollment card; Voter registration card; Any mailing to the elector marked “Official Election Material”; Utility bill dated within 90 days of the date of the election (electric, gas, water, cell phone, cable, etc.); or bank or credit union statement dated within 90 days of the date of the election.


List #3: One valid ID showing a photo and name (with no address or incorrect address); a second form of ID with name and current address.

Examples: Passport (no address), utility bill or bank statement from past 90 days (with current address), in or out-of-state driver’s license (old address); a military ID (with no address), and vehicle registration or insurance (with current address). The documents with the correct address may be shown on a phone or tablet.


List #4: (Native American voters ONLY) Any form of ID proving enrollment in a federally recognized Native American tribe must be issued a provisional ballot (in lieu of a conditional provisional ballot) and does not need to return to confirm their identity. The ballot will be counted as soon as the county ascertains that the voter has not voted twice.

Examples: Tribal ID card, Certificate of Indian Blood, home site assignment lease, grazing permit.


Overseas and military voting

Voting as a student

Voting as a person with disabilities

Your Federal Voting Rights

As a Voter with a Disability, you have the right to:

Vote privately and independently
Have an accessible polling place with voting machines for voters with disabilities
You may either:

1. Seek assistance from workers at the polling place who have been trained to use the accessible voting machine, or

2. Bring someone to help you vote

You may request your local election officials to tell you about any voting aids, voting assistance, and absentee ballot procedures that are available.

Ensure your right to accessible elections!

For more information, contact the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

By phone at 866-747-1471
By email at

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Voting with past convictions