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Hailing the rise of Latino political power in R.I.

While Gorbea lost her bid to become the first Latina governor in New England (she finished third in Tuesday’s Democratic primary), other Latino candidates won their primary races, including Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos and state treasurer candidate James A. Diossa.

“So much work has been done over 30 years to build up Latinos, and the fact that we have Latinos running for office statewide is a big deal,” said Diossa, who was the first Latino mayor of Central Falls…. “While I am going to be off stage for the foreseeable future in the political arena, I am excited about what Rhode Island’s future holds,” Gorbea said. “We have some great candidates going forward at the statewide, at the municipal levels. We can still have a very important role to play in future of Rhode Island.”

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