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Minnesota candidate on coming out as queer midcampaign: ‘I felt it was important’

Minnesota political candidate Mary Moriarty decided to share her authentic self with her constituents earlier this year. Moriarty, a candidate for Hennepin County attorney — whose jurisdiction includes Minneapolis — came out as queer on the campaign trail in January.

“It could be a risky thing, coming out publicly during the campaign, but I felt it was important,” Moriarty told NBC News. “This was a big, big decision for me. I hoped it would help people struggling with their identity.”

In speaking publicly about her sexuality, Moriarty joins an increasing number of politicians willing to do so. A record number — over 1,000 — openly LGBTQ candidates ran or are still running for office this year, LGBTQ Victory Institute’s annual “Out for America” report found.

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