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National Pro-Life Men’s March Coming to Boston

The Men’s March, which has already taken place in Baltimore (November 2021), Tallahassee (June 2022) and Washington, D.C. (also June 2022), grew out of a radio show hosted by Jim Havens called The Simple Truth, which is broadcast at 4pm by The Station of the Cross Catholic Media Network. (The network is owned by EWTN, which also owns the Register.)

Havens, 44, has a weekly segment on his podcast called “Testimony Tuesday,” during which a man describes his experiences with abortion. (Laverty was a guest on July 6, 2021.)

The message of the march is that everyone has a right to life, including at the fetal stage of human development.

“We simply want to proclaim that very basic truth … and stand up for our brothers and sisters in the womb,” Havens told the Register.

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