About us

A passionate group of millennials and Gen Z-ers

Elder millennials have the unique experience of our childhoods being marked by continual progress and a prosperous economy to then witnessing historical moments like our first black president, passing an affordable healthcare option, and the legalization of gay marriage. We’ve seen huge technological advancement in such a short time along with normalizing women advancing in the workforce and seeing minorities represented in the media. The narrative was rapidly shifting away from the cis, heterosexual, white male perspective. We assumed that the steady trajectory of progress was a given.

Suddenly the cyclical nature of history slapped us in the face. People who viewed equality as oppression started to galvanize around those in power who pushed fascist rhetoric cementing various power dynamics with the uber wealthy benefitting off the backs of marginalized communities and a rigged economy. We’ve seen one group/ party become more and more outspoken in “othering” anyone different than they are, rallying around politicians and policy promising to strip basic rights away from the “non-majority.”


So what do we do when every day is an historic event and everything about our reality seems to be spinning out of control into something we no longer recognize? When fascism is about to tip the scales in favor of an authoritarian government and our Supreme Court has cases lined up to completely destroy our democracy (e.g. Moore v Harper)?

Just like Fred Hampton and the Black Panthers rallied various marginalized groups in 1960’s Chicago to come together and fight as the Rainbow Coalition…WE WILL COME TOGETHER AND VOTE. We are a New Coalition and we will shape history. We’ll use our 2:1 ratio outnumbering Boomers (who are 80% MAGA/ moderate conservative) and out-vote them. Let’s. F*cking. Go.

2020 – Gen Z turned out at 51%
2022 – Millennials and Gen Z turn out at RECORD LEVELS

We’ve compiled a checklist to get you started with voter registration, checking on the competitive races and key issues in your state, and getting active as we bring home an overwhelming majority in Congress (and state governments) to change everything!