Our objectives


Our immediate objective is to spread awareness on the current state of the nation and our rapidly declining democracy. We endeavor to utilize all popular channels of communication to reach younger, irregular voters through social media and having a solid web presence. We realize there’s currently a divide between political institutions and engaging younger generations who have become jaded by the system and/or have never really seen it work for them. Our political system is not a lost cause and we can prove that just by mobilizing millennial and Gen Z cohorts… our numbers dramatically outnumber everyone else’s. This country is ours for the taking, so let’s get it! NOVEMBER 8th – GO VOTE!


Assuming we block Republicans from taking control of the House and pick up 2 seats in the Senate, we will nix the filibuster and pass legislation to expand the court. This is truly the only way to guarantee our democracy and future. The Supreme Court is playing with fire with upcoming court cases like Moore v Harper that will directly attack representation at the state level and even presidential elections. This will create the biggest constitutional crisis we’ve ever seen with no obvious way around it. Expanding the court corrects the recent wrongs of the Supreme Court and restores rights they’ve taken away.

We will use this platform and network to hold our representatives accountable and make sure they act quickly to protect all of our disenfranchised citizens and our future.


Imagining a brighter tomorrow, we aspire to be a resource for anyone who wants to engage in politics and potentially run for office themselves. We will facilitate connections and education on how to set up campaigns and get funding. We truly want to empower our country’s future leaders. 

If you like our vision, please help by reaching out to join our network of politically oriented professionals (network@newcoalition.us) and/or donate. We truly make every dollar count!

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