At New Coalition, we’ve always considered this initiative and web platform to be crowd-sourced and crowd-funded. We have yet to lock down a generous benefactor (unlike the GOP and their monstrous donations) and are a small group of fiesty, coffee-fueled, absolutely panicked millennials and Gen Zers. So we need your help. We need your enthusiasm, feedback, and even content contributions. Please reference the “Ideas” page and consider submitting the crazy headlines you come across or ideas for blog posts and even merch. We want your stink all over this effort because this is about the youngest generations fighting to have a fighting chance as our future looks so bleak with authoritarian regimes and climate change. We can still make a huge difference and we have the numbers!

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If you’d like to help us out in a more regular capacity, please fill out the “get involved” form found in the footer. You can help out with guest blogging, as social media creators/influencers, data entry, headline curation, ad/video production, website development and any other ideas you might have.


We will have periodic postings for paid positions related to copywriting, web design and development. Check in regularly or just email us about job inquiries (

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The main push with this initiative is through social media. We feel like this is the needed education campaign to bring awareness to the existential threat our country’s democracy is facing and to motivate younger, irregular voters to make it a priority to vote in November before it’s too late! Please pump up our social media presence on Twitter and TikTok with likes, follows, and reposts. And just scream about what we’re doing. We need to be unapologetically obnoxious to get everyone to pay attention, because this is truly an all hands on deck moment. This is a five alarm fire! Thanks!