Gender Equality

Why Should You Care?

Strides have been made in the fight for gender equality, but women in the United States are still routinely discriminated against, disenfranchised, and subjected to harassment and sexual violence daily.

Young girls learn from their peers and media that they only matter if they are traditionally “beautiful”.Where boys are taught that what matters is their power, strength, and leadership abilities.

In recent years, women have earned high school diplomas and 4-year college degrees at higher rates than men. Yet, when they enter the working world, they make only 78 cents for a man’s dollar. It’s even worse for Black and Latinx women who earn as little as 54 cents.

According to Pew Research Center, as many as 4 in 10 women face gender discrimination at work. They face workplace policies that are hostile towards parents with young children, detrimental to families, offer little or no flexibility, and routinely punish women for their societal role as family caregivers. 51% of mothers report that having children makes it harder for them to progress in their career. Men, on the other hand, only report the same prejudice 16% of the time.

This could be why women are grossly underrepresented in leadership positions around the country. At Fortune 500 companies, women make up an unimpressive 8.1% of chief executives. And in congress, women are 146 of 535 voting members—or 27.3%— in both the Senate and House. 

That is far cry from equal representation when women make up 50.5% of the United States population.

We must demand equal representation when dangerous anti-women legislation is routinely being brought before our legislators, that consist mainly of affluent, white men. For example, sweeping near-total abortion bans exist in 13 states, with limited exceptions for cases of rape and incest. An additional 10 states severely limit access to the procedure.

While women remain critically underrepresented in federal and local government, laws will continue to strip women’s bodily autonomy and help sow further systemic gender discrimination.

Our Stance

We believe that no gender is inherently superior to another.

Americans from all along the gender spectrum deserve equal treatment at work, equal pay, and a life free from widespread discrimination.

We will continue to fight for the elevation of women to leadership positions and advocate for equal gender representation in Congress.

White men who will never know the burden placed upon women’s shoulders should not have the right to legislate women’s bodies and rob them of their personal autonomy. 

What Can We Do?

  • Guarantee access for all to paid family and medical leave
  • Eliminate “The Motherhood Penalty” in business
  • Pass legislation to outlaw the gender wage gap
  • Increase federal funding for K-12 STEM education
  • Encourage and elevate female leaders in business & legislator
  • Ensure equal access to unbiased healthcare
  • Promote gender equality in medical research
  • Increase access to affordable, high-quality childcare

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